Aug. 12-14Soul Quest Fundraising Retreat!

While we wait for our special  exemption from the DEA to use our Sacred Sacrament Ayahuasca we will have a FUNraising Campaign 

Soul Quest Special FUNdraising Weekend Retreat Program

$350 – All-inclusive price includes 3 day (2 night) accommodations (includes all three programs)
Detox and Juice Fasting -----Inner Sanctuary Training Workshop
Shamanic Breath Workshop
For more info call 407-360-6297 or Email at

Program One: Detox and Juice Fasting -
In this 3 day super cleanse, you are invited to tune up and reset your natural body wisdom. This is a great time to prepare for fall and winter when a combination of slowing down and over-consuming challenge our body. Come cleanse, rejuvenate, and invigorate — and firm up healthy habits for the months ahead.
This program initiates transformation on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. You will experience a combination of organic fruit and vegetable juice fasting, all supported by detoxifying treatments such as Kambo, coffee liver/gallbladder cleanse, total body cellular ionic cleanse, Himalayan Pink Salt Flush, Myco Tea (organic living mycelium), and a macha tea ceremony all designed to enhance digestion, elimination, and integration for optimum cleansing and health. Nutritional consultations are also available.
Benefits of this program include:
· Cleansing of all organ systems of the body
· Relieving congestion in the body and improving eliminative functions
· Balancing digestion
· Increased absorption of nutrients
· Aid in weight reduction
· Relief of fatigue and re-energizing the body and mind
· Reduction of skin problems and easing pain and inflammation.
Please note this program is open to all; however, If you have a severe chronic condition or are on medication, please consult your health-care practitioner.
Please pack only natural, chemical-free body-care products for use during this program.

Program Two: Inner Sanctuary Training Workshop

-A Meditative Tool for Personal Transformation
Inner Sanctuary Training is a meditative process in which you learn to construct an inner Temple. Through consistent repetition and practice The Temple becomes a living structure in your awareness; a place of refuge and a source of personal Spiritual guidance and understanding.
In The Temple, you will be able to:
Release and Transform negative experiences
Restore your physical energy
Connect with your Spirit
Gain insights and answers for your questions
Manifest your hopes, dreams and goals
Maintain your Spiritual Purpose
To live life effectively as a Creator and not a reactor, we need to understand the Spiritual/Metaphysical Principles that guide our lives.
When we are in tune with these Principles and understand their application, we are in Harmony with the Divine Creator.
In that Harmony, we begin to mature our ego until we are no longer living in fear, anger and sorrow, disappointment, fatigue and lack, but in Joy and Peace, Abundance and Fulfillment.
There are certain Truths that exist, whether or not we are aware of them. Living in Harmony with those Truths creates a kind of Magic that begins to transform your life and how you are living it.
This workshop shares those Truths in an experiential and practical way.

Program Three: Shamanic Breath Workshop
Shamanic Breathing is a powerful tool for transformation, healing and reconnection to your true essence. For thousands of years, mystical traditions of the world have utilized breathing techniques for healing and awakening to higher states of consciousness.
The process itself is very simple and pure. A circular, connected, breathing rhythm will take you into self-exploration and non-ordinary states of consciousness. With your "Higher Self" guiding the process, each session is unique as old wounds, imprints, beliefs and dysfunctional patterns are released.
The breathing process is highly experiential and the healing effects will stay with you long after the session is over.
Shamanic Breathing is a simple yet unique method of breathing that brings more oxygen to all parts of your body. This effective technique has been used by thousands of people with amazing results of improved health and increased energy.
Shamanic Breathing inspires intuitive insights and deep perceptions. The end result is an awakening to your hidden passions, to your unspoken dreams, and to your creativity.
Common results from a Shamanic Breathing session include:
· More energy
· A deeper connection with your spiritual self
· A better understanding of what you want in your life
· A way to live your life with positive thoughts and supportive beliefs
· An expanded consciousness
· Mental clarity
· Emotional stability
Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat and blanket.

Sept. 2-4 Soul Quest Fundraising Retreat!

​We do not charge for the medicine, but for the work of accompaniment and supervision, for meals and accommodation, and for the translation of the facilitators from the country in which you are staying.

Soul Quest Ayahuasca Retreats

Soul Quest Special FUNdraising Weekend Retreat Programs

We have a NO CANCELATION POLICY. We will reschedule your booking to a future date at no cost as long as you call with in 72hrs of booking date 

Life Time Membership
ayahuasca future Ceremony
Aug. 26-28 Soul Quest Fundraising Retreat!

All Donation of $350 will go to any future ceremony NO Expiration date 
Once we get our DEA Exemption from the Federal Government. Our retreat prices will go up from $350 to $500 for a 3day 2night ceremony this increase will help pay for all the legal bills we occurred.
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